Sports Performance is the skill of training the body and the mind to prepare an athlete for the rigors of a specific sport. Our professional coaches and trainers will assess and teach our athletes the necessary skills and techniques to take their abilities to the next level. Any athlete serious about getting better will benefit from Sports Performance Training at Elite!
Small Group Sports Performance Training
  • Session $25
  • 10 Sessions $200 
We specialize in the development of athletes at all levels and we are committed to helping each individual client in reaching their goals. We offer small group sports performance trainings in all-sport classes for those who want to become more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision from progressive exercises and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities to enhance athletic capabilities. We also have sport-specific programs that are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, progressive, and tailored for entire sports teams. We believe in teaching proper technique in everything to build a solid foundation.

Proper technique is emphasized in:
  • State-of-the-art Speed, Agility & Quickness training
  • Isolated Drills & Integrated Exercises
  • Dynamic Warm-Up & Flexibility
  • Explosive Weight Systems to Arm Movements
  • Running & Movement Patterns
  • Improving Core Strength & Overall Fitness

These are all key components to each of the Elite Total Fitness programs, aimed at bettering athletic performance as well as decreasing injuries. Our coaches also work to improve an athlete’s mental fitness and confidence in the game.


Our 1-on-1 Sports Performance Training is for those looking to take their training and athletic potential to the next level! At Elite Total Fitness, we train athletes of all skillsets, from grade school to professional level competitors. These sessions allow a professional trainer the opportunity to focus solely on the athlete that is present. The athlete will be trained and coached with their specific sport in mind. Agility, power, foot speed, arm movement, body stabilization, and strength are just a few of the dynamics covered during a 1-on-1 Sports Performance Session.

Our coaches identify each athlete’s imbalances and areas of improvement, and train them with purpose to make them a better athlete on their chosen field of play. The personal attention to detail makes the 1-on-1 Sports Performance Class the ideal solution for an athlete looking to level up!

Available in the following pricing options:

60 Mins:

  • 1 Session $60
  • 10 Sessions $500

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