Elite Total Fitness is a 6,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art athletic facility, including brand new, high-tech training equipment. Offering Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Sports Performance Training for youth and adults. Also offering Senaptec Sensory Training. Our facility has on-site Athletic Recovery services, including a Hydrotherapy room with cold and warm contrast plunge tubs, and a NormaTec compression therapy room.


Behind every fitness success story is a family of diverse health and fitness experts who motivate, challenge and inspire.

We mentor young athletes so they grow to be the best versions of themselves. We push fitness fanatics to their limits. We welcome early risers with open arms. And we understand that recovery is just as important as training.

Our tailored programs drive performance to the next level and ensure you have the tools to achieve your unique goals.

We continually reassess progress to maintain clear direction and focus. We thrive on transparency and accountability. We persevere. And, above all, we foster positivity because we know success is a product of mindset.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we want to be your go-to family gym today and for many years to come.


Founder & OWNER